Holidays - Denmark

Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. The countries of Denmark and Greenland, as well as the Faroe Islands, constitute the Kingdom of Denmark. It is the southernmost of the Nordic countries, southwest of Sweden and south of Norway, and bordered to the south by Germany. Denmark borders both the Baltic and the North Sea. Denmark's capital city, Copenhagen, is located in Sjælland, an island bejeweled with ancient castles associated with the northern royal family. Hans Christian Andersen, the literary genius behind some of the world's most famous fairy tales, grew up in the town of Odense in Fyn. Danish spirit provides the visitors with feelings of relaxation and tranquility. Danish dansk sprog, is a North Germanic language spoken by around six million people, principally in the country of Denmark. The Hans Christian Andersen Museum is managed by the Ugly Duckling Foundation, a non-profit organization set-up to foster public understanding and enjoyment of Hans Christian Andersen and his work. The Viking Ship Museum is located at the foot of Roskilde Fjord beside the Roskilde harbour. In 1662, five Viking ships were rescued and resurrected from the harbor. The Museum was built to house and reconstruct these vessels. Dyrehaven Park offers a great combination of outdoor activities such as cycling, trekking and horse riding but it also holds Bakken amusement park, one of the oldest in the world. Århus is Denmark’s second largest city and has great atmosphere and vibrancy. Also dubbed the “Canon of Danish art & culture”, it has been at the forefront of defining Danish art and culture.