Holidays - Russia

The world’s largest country, the vast land of Russia stretches from the western shores of Europe to the far east Asia coastline. Inextricably interwoven with world history, Russia was a tribal melting pot of Tartars, Huns, Finns, Vikings, Turks, and Mongols, all of whom have left their mark on today’s culture and civilization.

The topography of the huge landmass is as varied as its origins, from volcanic hotspots to frozen Siberian wastelands and the great cities of Moscow and St Petersburg. Through the years, Russia continues to attract increasing numbers of visitors to its magnificence and mystery.

Russia’s highlights are its two major cities, crammed with architectural masterpieces on a grand design. Moscow’s biggest landmark is Red Square, home to St Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin. The former Imperial city of St Petersburg holds the Winter Palace, the Hermitage Museum, and many other magnificent buildings. The picturesque Golden Ring towns and cities surround Moscow and are known for their historical sights, while remote Kamchatka lies in an active volcanic region of hot springs and geysers with brown bears casually roaming the streets.