Holidays - Chhattisgarh

Covered with nature's canopy of sal, teak and bamboo trees, and carpeted with lush vegetation, Chhattisgarh has the country's densest jungles, rivaling those of the Amazon (44% of the state is under forest cover). These are home to a bio-diversity hot spot, 3 National Parks, 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries, spectacular waterfalls, and unique wildlife species, including the Bastar Hill Mynah bird with the ability to mimic the human voice. Its people revere the land – for them, each day is a celebration of life, in which you are welcome to participate.

Welcome to Chhattisgarh, one of India's youngest states. The state is an eco-ethno fantasy. The vast Kanger Valley National Park houses massive limestone caves and thundering waterfalls. The indigenous tribes of Gond Maria, Muria, Dorla and Baiga, India's oldest, live in harmony with the land, one with nature, as they have done since ancient times. Each has its distinct culture, manifested through cuisine, music, dance, dress and crafts. Decades of isolation from urban “civilization” have ensured that all have retained their essential simplicity. Crafts lovers will revel in the multitude of crafts to choose from - wall paintings, fiber hangings, bell metal work, wrought iron, wood carving, sisal and bamboo items, terracotta, kosa silk, all adorned with simple tribal motifs, an ode to tribal art. Fairs and festivals here showcase the native customs and local ways of celebrating and rejoicing. All are welcome to join in!