Costa Rica

Passport with at least 6 months of validity on the day of arrival to Costa Rica.

Application Form completely filled with one passport sized picture

Letter from the applicant addressed to the General Consulate of Costa Rica in India, including the following information: full name, nationality, passport number, type and validity address, purpose of the trip, expected time of stay in Costa Rica, approximate dates of arrival and departure and expected ports of entry and exit, occupation, address in Costa Rica, date and place of birth, email address for notifications, date and signature.

Copy of all the pages of the passport.

Police clearance certificate duly apostilled from Ministry of External Affairs and its official translation into Spanish (also duly apostilled from Ministry of External Affairs).

Round trip flight itinerary

Proof of financial support, with sufficient bank balance (original Bank statement, 3 months).  Bank account details (original document with the seal and stamp of the bank which includes the average balance, debit and credit history of the last 3 months).

Accommodation proof in Costa Rica. Hotel reservation. Or if the expenses of the trip are borne by a Company or by someone else, then please present also that Company’s or that person’s letter stating that they will be responsible of the all expenses regarding the accommodation. In this case, an invitation letter in Spanish from Costa Rica along with the ID proof of the person signing the letter is required.

Please notice that, If you have a multiple entry visa of the United States of America (exclusively type B1-B2, B1 or B2 visa, type D visa, C1 / D visa) multiple income), and Canada (exclusively multiple visa) you do not need a consular visa to enter Costa Rica.

VISA process can take up to 3-4weeks 

An interview could be required at Delhi consulate