Travel Information

It’s best to dress long and loose. Avoid clothes that are too slim or too short, you may feel very uncomfortable, especially in villages and around religious sites. No shorts while visiting some places of sightseeing ... For Eg. Taj Mahal or Temples ... Entry not permitted

Comfortable shoes are recommended since quite a bit of walk around monuments during sightseeing

Sanitation at most of the sightseeing places due to heavy rush or while travelling from one city to another might not be upto the mark and quite poor compared to standards in your country ... Therefore use rest rooms at hotels only

Recommended accessories : Hats / sunglasses / mobile & camera chargers / cleaning wipes / sanitizers / sun screen lotion etc ... All these are easily available in India as well 

The electric current is 220 volts and generally universal adapters are often necessary

Credit cards are widely accepted. ATM counters are also available at many tourist cities & towns

Drink only mineral water from bottles which are widely available. No tap water even in hotel rooms

Hotel breakfasts’ are standard and fulfils the requirement of an International traveller with the variety

Other than this the local food is excellent and a bit on spicy side. Recommend to avoid eating out in your initial days. Eating at your hotel or at an up-market restaurant is ok

Most important : In India you cannot avoid but can certainly ignore : Traffic, Pollution, Beggars, Noise, Road condition at some places, etc. – A psychological orientation of these ground realities is very important for you to feel at ease during the tour