Cancellation & Refund

[1] Cancellation charges vary based on sector of travel, dates of travel and service utilised.

[2] Cancellation will be levied as communicated at the time of booking

[3] Service Charges will be levied to cover our expenses and reward our efforts in case of alterations / changes in the itineraries.

[4] No refund would be made for any reason what so ever, unless we have a stamped original voucher signed by the service provider clearly stating about the refund to me made. Refund for partly utilised service will be made only if accomplished by a letter from the service provider. All refunds will be made after charging suitable service charges.

[5] All refunds will be made after deducting the non-refundable deposit as well as the applicable cancellation fees

[6] All refunds will be made by either cheque or wire transfers. No refunds will be made by cash.

[7] Standard cancellation & refund policy [which will vary based on travel dynamics]

Air Tickets : As per airline rules + Service Charge of Rs.200 for domestic ticket & Rs.500 for International ticket

VISA Services : VISA fees & Service charges are non-refundable

Holiday Tours & Hotel Reservations : As follows

Before 30 days of travel : Non-refundable deposit

15 to 30 days of travel : 50% of cost will be refunded

07 to 15 days of travel : 25% of cost will be refunded

Within 7 days of travel : No refund

[8] All refunds will be remitted after receiving credit for respective principals Airline, Hotels, etc. ... Normal refund schedule is as follows ... 

Flight tickets : 15 to 25 days 

Hotel Bookings & Tour Services : 30 days