Travel Tips

Travel Tips

The Best trips are often those which are well –planned and also well Packed. Mispacking is the easiest way to ruin a trip. It can be extremely troublesome if one does not have the appropriate attire or toiletries, or if one’s important items get broken in transit.

Here are few tips to ensure a well – packed trip

Pack Light And Essential

Firstly make a list of essential items you will need and get down to packing the same. Do not include unnecessary items, this will only add weight to your baggage. Make sure you have the following

  • Toiletries

  • Toothpaste

  • Toothbrush

  • Contact lens equipment

  • Make up

  • Razor

  • Hair Care Equipment

  • Business / Calling Cards

  • Sports Shoes

If you are traveling on business, the utility of business cards should be obvious. Small cards with your name & address can be very handy for tourist as well, to give to the people you make friends with along the way.

If you are on a low-budget trip, make sure you can carry your own soap, shampoo and towel to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Day Pack

If you are doing any sort of sightseeing take some sort of small backpack or fanny pack. You will want to carry maps and perhaps phrase books, guidebooks, water bottles , sunglasses and so on.

Neck wallet or Money belt

This is especially important on the train circuit. Keep most of your money hidden away underneath your clothes. Keep passport, airline Tickets, and the bulk of your money in a money belt, and some cash in your neck wallet and your jeans pockets.

Tiny Flashlight
This is optional , but you can get really tiny flashlights ,and they can come in very handy.

Earplugs, Water bottle , Chewing Gum

These can make your plane trip much more enjoyable. Aside from being noisy and prone to pressure changes, airplane cabins are very dry, and you will tend to dehydrate if left in one long enough. The gum helps with depressurization.

Mobile Cards & Phone Numbers

‘No mobile network’ can be a frustrating experience ! Most mobile companies have coverage upto certain geographical limits and limited coverage in remote areas. Do check and carry mobile card of the company that gives you coverage at the places you are visiting. Ensure you carry numbers of all your acquaintances in the city you are traveling to. You never know when you might need them.

Watch with Alarm

A cheap digital watch with alarm is small, light and very useful.

Electrical transformers / Plug Adapters

Most places in the world have different plugs and different power supplies. If you want to use your computer / modem / electric razor / alarm clock abroad, you will need to get equipment to be able to use the same.

Music, Books & Camera

An ipod, a novel and a camera would be your best companion on the trip

Garment Bags

Garment bags can be exceptionally nice for short business trips. However, garment bags are not particularly easy to carry if very full or for a great distance.

Wheeled luggage

If you take heavy items, seriously consider some sort of wheeled contraption.

Few Practical Tips for a 100% successful trip !!!

Take only what’s necessary

To travel happily, travel light ! Mark your suitcases with a bright colour so as to identify them quickly on arrival and in transit.

Take currency in small denominations

Always have some one dollar bills on hand : they are very useful for tipping. When you withdraw money in the local currency using your credit card, try to do so all at once, to avoid unnecessary bank charges.

Take a few simple precautions

Keep your money out of sight; divide cash into several pockets; be discreet with cameras and other electronic equipments. Keep copies of passports, tickets, other travel documents in a separate bag. 

Take your drivers license

And have an international drivers’ license issued; yours’ may not be valid in some countries

Standard baggage regulations and some recommendations

Domestic airlines           Check in baggage : 15 kgs.
Hand baggage               05 kgs.

International airlines       Check in baggage : 20 kgs. / 30 kgs.

[except USA]                Hand baggage      : 05 kgs.

International airlines      Check in baggage : 46 kgs. [23 kg. x 2 bags]

[traveling to USA]          Hand baggage      : 05 kgs.

Bag Size                      Check in baggage : 157 inches / 62 inches [L + W + H]

                                   Cabin baggage     : 22 inches [50cm x 37 cm x 25 cm]    

It is recommenced to carry  set of clothes with your daily utility items in your hand bag. Airlines dose not permit items like loose batteries, razor, blades, nail cutter, scissors, knives, gels, any form of liquid, cigarette lighter, etc. in your hand baggage. If required, carry such items in your check in baggage. Please ensure that you do not place any valuables in your check in baggage. Carry your foreign currency / travel documents / jewellery / insurance papers, etc. in your hand baggage.

And finally take your time

To make the best of your tour, take your time ! Travel at your own pace so you can store up to the maximum of memories of new discoveries, sensations, landscapes, and a whole world of sights, sounds and fragrances …

Wishing you a Wonderful Trip !