Holidays - Peru

Peru, officially the Republic of Peru, is a country in western South America. It is bordered on the north by Ecuador and Colombia, on the east by Brazil, on the southeast by Bolivia, on the south by Chile, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. Peru is divided into 25 regions and the province of Lima. Each region has an elected government composed of a president and council that serve four-year terms. Peruvian culture is primarily rooted in Amerindian and Spanish traditions though it has also been influenced by various African, Asian, and European ethnic groups. Peruvian artistic traditions date back to the elaborate pottery, textiles, jewelry, and sculpture of Pre-Inca cultures. Cusco is often described as a highlight of Peru by visitors. The city is built on the foundations of Inca ruins, creating a unique blend of Inca and colonial architecture. The shining architecture made of sillar stone make Arequipa a unique city. The historic city center is a colonial highlight in Peru, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nazca is a small town, located midway between Lima and Arequipa. Visitors come here to see the famous Nazca Lines that form images on the desert floor just outside of town.