Why Book With Us?

Difference between tours offered by us and tours / group tours offered by others ...

Before you go...

While others tell you what you should do on a holiday ... We listen to what you want to do on a holiday !

Difference starts at the planning stage ... You will be closely consulted by one of our travel advisors' for each service booked with timely and complete information regarding various features of tour viz; Airline, VISAs, hotels, sightseeing, excursions, meal preferences, local experiences, luxury indulgences, etc. ... This eventaully makes all the difference in a holiday experience.

Most of the tour companies release this information at the last moment by which time there is no possibility to make changes in arrangements as per your liking.

Airline Selection

Airlines offered by us will be most ideal for arrival and departure cities. In most cases we offer direct flights or flights with optimum timings & fares in order to avoid unnecessary time being spent in transit as well as take advantage of lowest fare.

Most of the tour companies will give you via flights in order to get cheaper fares so as to keep their tour cost lower. This will be at the expense of your time.

Hotel selection

We research extensively for the hotels that we offer for your holiday. We do not offer sub-standard hotels. Most of the hotels that we offer are well located, tried and tested, comes with excellent reputation and feedback from our clients who have visited in the past. We ensure that all the services are fully operational and you are well taken care of at the hotels booked. Eventually, a good night's sleep and your comfortable stay will make all the difference between an enjoyable day or a tired drag during sightseeing the next day.


Only important sightseeings and the ones that you want are booked. Unlike most companies which offer a few sightseeings and make remaining sightseeings optional at additional cost.


One holidays' not only to see new places but to relax as well !

Therefore no rushing on a tour or early morning / late evening sightseeings unless absolutely necessary and governed by local conditions


Flexibility to have your lunch and dinner at the place of your choice.

In most tours, we do not include lunch or dinner giving you the option to pick the place that's suitable to you.

Tour Price

For a given set of service standards & inclusions, we are always in a position to offer better price. Always ideal to compare prices apple to apple.  

We do not compromise on services

After all you might be taking one-off holiday ... No point in cutting corners

Our objective is to ensure you have a high-quality holiday experience !