Cruise to Antarctica

Visiting Antarctica is easier than you might think, especially if you’re not a fan of small ships. You can sail to the southernmost continent with us in comfort on a large luxurious ship that still has all the amenities and activities you love about cruising.

Award-Winning Cruises to Antarctica
If you’re wondering how that is when you typically only hear about expedition ships, then you haven’t heard about our fabulous South America cruise itineraries that sail from Buenos Aires, Argentina, through Cape Horn and on to the northern regions of Antarctica, before returning to South America.

You’ll travel on one of world-class Celebrity-solstice ships, which featuring 5-star service, gourmet dining, luxuriously appointed staterooms, and a fabulous lawn club with real grass that is perfect for sitting on to take in the icy scenery with a hot chocolate or toddy.

Here’s what else you can expect on one of our upscale and easy-to-get-to Antarctica cruises.

Why An Antarctica Cruise Should Be On Your Bucket List
The highlights of Antarctica are all about the scenery and wildlife. It’s what makes this remote continent so enchanting and unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

Massive Mountains
From your cruise ship you’ll see some of Antarctica’s stunning mountain peaks, including Rojas Peak and Bryde Peak. An Antarctica cruise will also take you in view of Petzvol Glacier and its snow crusted sides.

Whales and Wildlife
During an Antarctica cruise you’ll have the chance to see some of the world’s most incredible sea mammals up close and personal. Marvel at Humpback and Minke whales gliding gracefully through the water; spot elephant seals lounging on pristine rocks, and laugh at waddling penguins.

Icebergs and Bays
One of the most enthralling parts of Antarctica is how untouched it is by humans. The bays you’ll visit during your Antarctica cruise are a startling shade of blue and remarkably clear. Within the water you’ll see a scattering of icebergs in mesmerizing shapes and sizes.

Antarctica Cruise Highlights
The ports of call you’ll visit on an Antarctica cruise with us include gorgeous cities and remote towns along the southeast coastline of South America. You’ll have the chance to visit the vibrant cities and National Parks of Argentina, the lovely wine regions of Uruguay, and the exciting wildlife of the Falkland Islands.

Naturalist Narration
While sailing throughout Antarctica you’ll have a tour guide right on the ship with you. Each of our Antarctica cruise ships have a naturalist on board that narrate over the ship’s speakers what you’re seeing right outside the windows and decks of the ship.

Scenic Sailing
Your ship will take you past the views of some of Antarctica’s most majestic waterways, like Schollart Channel and Gerlache Strait as well as delight you in the rugged beauty of Paradise Bay and Elephant Island.

Always Included
Vacations should be effortless from the start. That’s why every Celebrity cruise includes drinks, Wi-Fi, and tips—always.* It’s that simple.

Set sail on Celebrity Infinity, the ship that will be turning heads. Enjoy newly added staterooms and The Retreat Sun Deck and The Retreat Lounge for guests of The Retreat. Surrender your senses in the newly redesigned spa or shop in new retail boutiques. Whatever you choose, it’ll be the ultimate experience.

Onboard Features

Trellis - The airy Main Restaurant offers exquisite menu selections, which change nightly to give you a variety of classic and contemporary choices. And the service? Legendary !

Blu - Clean, crisp flavors and inventive cuisine meet an extensive list of sustainable and biodynamic wines. Exclusively for AquaClass guests.

Luminae - The exclusive restaurant for Guests of the Retreat. Select and cutting edge, the globally inspired menus at Luminae are not available in any other restaurant on board.

Constellation Lounge - The perfect daytime spot to gaze over the sea with a cocktail in hand. At night, the space comes alive with live music and dancing.

Rendezvous Lounge - On Millennium Class ships, the Rendezvous Lounge is the perfect place to gather before dinner for a cocktail and dancing.

Cellar Masters - Immerse yourself in wine culture. Cellar Masters lets you try a bold collection of both familiar and unknown wines from around the world.

The Retreat - The Retreat is an unparalleled vacation experience that includes every stunning suite, a private restaurant, and an exclusive lounge that rivals any high-end resort.

Aqua Class - Say "Ahh" in spa-inspired staterooms designed just for you. Savor clean eating at Blu and escape to the Persian Garden.

Concierge Class - Tailored services and amenities await you in these exceptionally appointed staterooms. We're here to help you make the most of your time on board and on shore.



  • Day 1

    Set Sail from Buenos Aires, Argentina ... Departs : 5:00 PM

    Transfer from Buenos Aires airport or hotel to embarkation port 3 hours prior to the departure

    The capital of Argentina throbs with creative energy. In this melting pot of cultures�native American, Spanish colonial, Italian, French, British, and more�the local Portenos greet you warmly with a kiss. Connoisseurs of culture find 300 theaters and 160 museums. Explore the French neoclassical Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, near the port, or Teatro Col�n, an opera house with interiors as beautiful as the acoustics, in the Centro. You'll shop till you drop in Buenos Aires, a leader in design. Find clothing, jewelry, and art at lavish Galer�as Pacifico, near the port, or browse the fashionable Recoleta quarter for exclusive boutiques. Shop elegant Calle Florida, bustling with bustling with office workers by day and street performers at night. Look for native leather, antiques, and crafts. Eat and drink like a king on your cruise to Argentina, from elegant 19th-century bars to contemporary caf�s and restaurants. Discover mate,
    the local tea, and don't miss the renowned steaks and excellent Malbec wines. Find pizza, pasta, and ice cream on every corner. For dessert, try alfajores, chocolate-covered double-decker cookies filled with dulce de leche.

    Check in, settle down, set sail, explore !

  • Day 2

    At Sea � Cruising

    While at sea, take the time to recharge before the next adventure. Lounge by the pool, be spoiled at the spa, taste the delicacies or explore the venues on-board, until we arrive at the next amazing destination.

  • Day 3

    At Sea � Cruising

    While at sea, take the time to recharge before the next adventure. Lounge by the pool, be spoiled at the spa, taste the delicacies or explore the venues on-board, until we arrive at the next amazing destination.

  • Day 4

    At Sea � Cruising

    While at sea, take the time to recharge before the next adventure. Lounge by the pool, be spoiled at the spa, taste the delicacies or explore the venues on-board, until we arrive at the next amazing destination.

  • Day 5

    Ushuaia, Argentina ... Tendered : 10:00AM to 9:00PM

    Ushuaia, Argentina ... No city on the planet has a more southerly latitude.

    As a result, the sun shines for 18 hours during each summer day, providing ample opportunity to view the mix of glaciers, forests and sea, all framed by Mount Martial to the west and Mounts Olivia and Cinco Hermanos to the east. There�s a magnificent wealth of history and culture to discover on an Ushuaia cruise.

    The town was formerly a missionary base, penal colony, and naval base, but has increasingly become a major tourist destination with many attractions, including restaurants, sight-seeing, and casinos. Explore Tierra del Fuego National Park on a day hike through the wilderness, or hike along the coast and glacial lakes. The End of the World Museum offers a wonderful glimpse into the history and culture that shaped this city and includes collections of artifacts and pieces from the first expeditions, as well as the indigenous people who once inhabited the region. Savor authentic Argentinean specialties made with the freshest seafood, like king crab, seabass, ceviche, and grilled octopus or the ever popular, slow-cooked Fuegian lamb, and delicious regional wines.

  • Day 6

    Cape Horn, Chile ... Cruising : 6:00AM to 8:00AM

    Cape Horn, Chile ... Tierra del Fuego

    This Land of Fire is the most isolated place in the Americas, and Cape Horn is its southernmost point. Named after the Dutch town of Hoorn in 1616, its craggy cliffs and windswept shores are stark, with a rugged beauty that creates a dramatic setting for the collision between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

    And, depending on the time of year, you�ll either encounter �hold on to your hat� waves, or gentle currents on a Cape Horn cruise. Visit Cabo de Hornos (Cape Horn) National Park and discover this lush UNESCO protected ecosystem. Created in the 1940s this 155,906-acre national park is home to diverse flora and fauna.

  • Day 7

    Antarctica ... Cover Schollart Channel, Paradise Bay, Gerlache Strait

    Schollart Channel, Antarctica ... Cruising : 11:00AM to 1:00PM

    Schollart Channel, Antarctica: Journey to the far reaches of the world with a Schollart Channel cruise. Experience the spectacular wildlife that inhabits the great white South Pole and breathe in the exhilarating air. With Anvers Island to the southwest and Brabant Island to the northeast, take in the mesmerizing sights of massive ice flows, humpback whales, waddling penguins, leopard seals and more in their natural, and somewhat extreme, element. You are certain to leave with amazing memories, and pictures, as you cruise through Schollart Channel located near Antarctica.

    Paradise Bay, Antarctica ... Cruising: 2:30PM to 4:00PM

    This name aptly reflects the stunning beauty you'll find here, just as the clear waters beautifully reflect the spectacular mountains, such as Rojas Peak, Bryde Peak, and the Petzvol Glacier. Within these waters we may see Minke whales feeding and Gentoo penguins curiously observing us from the rocky shores.

    Gerlache Strait ... Cruising: 5:00PM to 7:00PM

    A number of geographical anomalies around this channel make these waters among the most plankton-rich in the world. You're likely to see a profusion of whales feeding in the rich ecosystem, which is a sight you'll not soon forget.

  • Day 8

    Elephant Island, Antarctica

    Elephant Island, Antarctica ... Cruising: 2:00PM to 6:00PM

    This tiny island in the Weddell Sea of Antarctica plays a role in one of seafaring history's most legendary exploits. When the brave crew of the Endurance, led by intrepid explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, was trapped in the ice during a 1914 polar expedition, they took refuge on this island until help arrived. And, even though they spent the entire winter waiting for rescue, not a single crew member was lost.

    Located in the Southern Ocean near the outer reaches of the South Shetland Islands, Elephant Island has claims from not only Argentina and Chile, but also the United Kingdom. Brazil also has two shelters here that contain up to six researchers that work during the summer months.

    Check out the island's wildlife on your Antarctica cruise. The island is covered with elephant seals, hence the name Elephant Island. At Cape Lookout, a bluff on the southern coast where various penguins (chinstrap, gentoo, and macaroni) call home. Other birds of note include sheathbills, cape petrels, and stormy petrels; it's also a great place to spot the elephant seals and Antarctic fur seals. The truly adventurous can explore the moss colonies, which are thought to be thousands of years old. The moss bank is not terribly far from where the Shackleton party was marooned, and is considered one of the oldest living things in the world. Your cruise to Antarctica will truly be an experience of a lifetime.

  • Day 9

    At Sea � Cruising

    While at sea, take the time to recharge before the next adventure. Lounge by the pool, be spoiled at the spa, taste the delicacies or explore the venues on-board, until we arrive at the next amazing destination.

  • Day 10

    Port Stanley, Falkland Island ... Tendered: 8:00AM to 5:00PM

    Port Stanley, Falkland Island

    Commune with the roughly 2,000 intrepid souls who call this remote former whaling outpost home. As you hike through the rocky, windswept landscape you may observe a few of the island�s flightless residents�including Magellan penguins burrowing underground, and rockhoppers carefully observing you from outcroppings.

  • Day 11

    At Sea � Cruising

    While at sea, take the time to recharge before the next adventure. Lounge by the pool, be spoiled at the spa, taste the delicacies or explore the venues on-board, until we arrive at the next amazing destination.

  • Day 12

    Puerto Madryn, Argentina ... Docked: 7:00AM to 4:30PM

    Puerto Madryn, Argentina

    This deep water port was founded in 1865 by Welsh immigrants. Extending out into the Atlantic from Puerto Madryn is the Pen�nsula Vald�s, a wildlife sanctuary where vast numbers of sea elephants, whales and penguins far outnumber the few human visitors who make it out this far.

  • Day 13

    At Sea � Cruising

    While at sea, take the time to recharge before the next adventure. Lounge by the pool, be spoiled at the spa, taste the delicacies or explore the venues on-board, until we arrive at the next amazing destination.

  • Day 14

    Arrival Buenos Aires, Argentina ... 7:00PM

    Upon arrival at Buenos Aires, Argentina, meet & greet by our representative for transfer to hotel or airport for onward flight


Extension recommended to countries across South America ... Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, etc.

Notes on itinerary

All our itineraries are "Just for Ideas" ... We will get to know you and customise an itinerary just for you that matches your requirements ... dates of travel, category of hotels, preferred airline, flexibility in choosing sightseeing, mode of travel between cities, etc. 

Many of our clients have us design more relaxing, slower paced holidays with more in-depth experiences whereas some simply want to visit various destinations and cover only the highlights. 

Together, we will determine the ideal route, pace of travel, accommodations, levels of pampering, style of touring, sightseeing to be included, dining preferences, adventure levels, options to meet locals, dates of travel  & much more ! and based on this arrive at a price.

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