Best of Alaska ... Self Drive

Bears larger than bison, national parks the size of nations, and glaciers bigger than other US states. The word ‘epic’ barely does Alaska justice.

The Call of the Wild

Pure, raw, unforgiving and humongous in scale, Alaska is a place that arouses basic instincts and ignites what Jack London termed the 'call of the wild.' Yet, unlike London and his gutsy, gold-rush companions, visitors today will have a far easier time penetrating the region's vast, feral wilderness. Indeed, one of the beauties of the 49th state is its accessibility. Few other places in the US allow you to scale an unclimbed mountain, walk where – quite possibly – no human foot has trodden before, or sally forth into a national park that gets fewer annual visitors than the International Space Station.

All Creatures Great and Small

Who needs zoos when you can get close-up views of brown bears snatching leaping salmon out of angry waterfalls or see curious moose posing majestically on national-park roadsides? Alaska is a land for wilderness purists who desire to observe big fauna in its natural habitat. This is no place for the timid. Hiking in unguarded backcountry might sometimes feel like being a guest in a very big food chain, but keep your wits about you, and the musk oxen, gray wolves, bears, caribou and other creatures great and small will quietly accept you into their domain.

Life on the Frontier

Space might be the final frontier, but for those without billions of dollars and their own space rocket, Alaska can provide a pretty gritty alternative. With scant phone coverage and a dearth of anything that passes for urban sophistication, this is a region for ‘doing’ rather than hanging out in coffee bars. Get a skilled bush pilot to land you on a crevasse-riddled glacier, or hire a backcountry guiding company to take you on a bracing paddle down an almost-virgin river. Whether you go it alone with bear-spray, or place yourself in the hands of an experienced ’sourdough’ (Alaskan old-timer), the rewards are immeasurable.

Tales of the Unexpected

For savvy repeat visitors, the real joys of Alaska are the ones you least expect: ginormous vegetables, epic bus rides, half-forgotten Russian cemeteries, friendly, hassle-free airports, and dive bars where no one's rethought their hairstyle since 1984. Welcome to a state with as many offbeat attractions as off-the-beaten-track locations. Imagine a land where locals still go subsistence hunting, campers plan gold-panning expeditions in the wilderness and wi-fi is just a rumor. Pitch in with a quirky medley of contrarians, rat-race escapees, wanderers, dreamers, back-to-the-landers and Alaska Natives and discover what makes America's biggest state tick.



  • Day 1

    Arrival Anchorage, Alaska / Day at leisure

    We'll begin in the largest city of Alaska, where you’ll be treated to spectacular views of the mountain ranges on arrival.

    Pick upi car from the rental and drive to your hotel for check in

    Locals like to say that Anchorage is only 30 minutes from Alaska: wedged between 5000ft peaks and an inlet filled with salmon and whales, the Big Apple of the north is unlike any other city.

    At first glance the traffic, strip malls and suburban sprawl can feel off-putting. But inside those strip malls are top-notch restaurants serving fresh seafood and locally grown produce, and the two roads that lead in and out of town spool right into some of the most majestic wilderness in the world. This is a city where bears are seen wandering bike paths, moose munch on neighborhood gardens, and locals pull salmon from a creek within blocks of hotels and office buildings.

    Dive into this city of parks, museums and restaurants and you'll see why almost half the state's population calls it home.

    This rugged city is a gateway to the nearby wilderness and National Parks, and the people who live here share their wild landscape with families of wolves, moose and bears – it’s safe to say this isn't a city like you've experienced before!

    Visit the downtown and spend this evening settling in and trading tales with locals at a restaurant

    Overnight at Anchorage

  • Day 2

    Anchorage / Glacier Discovery Train with Float Trip

    After breakfast, drive to the Anchorage railways station to depart on the Alaska Rail road for a 3.5-hour ride to Spencer Glacier in the remote Chugach Mountains.

    At Spencer board your raft for a 2-hour gentle float among the icebergs at Spencer Lake and down the Placer River.

    You will return to Anchorage by bus

    Tour includes services of professional guides, raingear (if needed), and rubber boots. Total duration 9 hours. Back to Anchorage by 1900 hrs.

    Evening at leisure

    Overnight at Anchorage

  • Day 3

    Anchorage to Denali National Park / Day at leisure

    After breakfast this morning, head to the heart of adventure : Denali National Park … at 230 miles drive

    In our collective consciousness, Alaska represents the concept of the raw wilderness. But that untamed perception can be as much a deterrent as a draw. For many travelers, in-depth exploration of this American frontier is a daunting task.

    Enter Denali National Park & Preserve: a parcel of land both primeval and easily accessible. Here, you can peer at a grizzly bear, moose, caribou, or even wolves, all from the comfort of a bus. On the other hand, if independent exploration is your thing, you can trek into 6 million acres of tundra, boreal forest and ice-capped mountains – a space larger than Massachusetts. This all lies in the shadow of Denali, once known as Mt McKinley and to native Athabascans as the Great One. Denali is North America’s highest peak, rightly celebrated as an icon of all that is awesome and wild in a state where those adjectives are ubiquitous.

    Arriving at your lodge / campsite, we'll have plenty of opportunity today to hike this awe-inspiring landscape - six million acres of wild land - hoping to spot bears, moose, caribou or wolves (while maintaining a safe distance!)

    The beautiful taiga forests give way to an incredible tundra with snow-capped mountains and America's tallest peak, Denali Mountain.

    Rest of the day at leisure

    Overnight at Denali National Park

  • Day 4

    Denali National Park

    After breakfast today, Full Day Denali Road Tour

    This comprehensive bus tour travels to the end of the 92-mile park road to the remote Kantishna region.

    Your naturalist driver/guide will help you search for bears, caribou, Dall sheep, and moose while explaining the geologic history of the park.

    Upon arrival in Kantishna, enjoy a 2 hour stop for lunch at a lodge and optional activity, such as hiking or gold panning.

    The return trip provides a different perspective of the park.

    Meals: Lunch is included
    Duration: approx. 12-13 hours

    Evening at leisure

    Overnight at Denali National Park

  • Day 5

    Denali National Park

    Another day, another adventure in this wild and beautiful land. After breakfast, embark on Jeff King's Husky Homestead Sled Dog Tour from Denali

    Enjoy a warm welcome and experience the true Alaskan lifestyle with Iditarod Champion Jeff King. This tour is widely heralded as an authentic look into rural lifestyles based on 43 years of Alaskan adventures.

    Be greeted by cuddly puppies and share an intimate view of the Alaskan Husky as they explode out of the kennel on a training run.

    Get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into creating a championship team and carving a life in Alaska's Interior. Hear compelling stories from the trail and see actual racing sleds, arctic survival gear and equipment used to traverse 1100 miles of Alaska's most rugged terrain.

    Clients must have a rental car in order to do this tour and they must drive to the kennel with their own vehicle!
    Duration: 1.5 hours

    Rest of the day at leisure

    Overnight at Denali National Park

  • Day 6

    Denali National Park to Fairbanks

    After breakfast, drive to Fairbanks … 125 miles

    Fairbanks is the only 'city' in the interior, and the largest settlement for hundreds of miles, but it has many characteristics of a small town. Everyone seems to know everyone, and 'everyone' includes some truly fascinating characters – sled-dog breeders, crusading environmentalists, college students, gun nuts, military personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, bush pilots, and the rest of the usual Alaska cast of oddities.

    Because the city sits at the nexus of some truly epic routes – north to the Arctic, east to Canada and south to Denali – you'll almost inevitably end up spending time here, and that time is rarely boring.

    Check in at hotel on arrival

    Day at leisure to explore the downtown area

    Downtown Fairbanks is a delightful blend of old and new. Historic buildings dating back to gold rush days, a vibrant contemporary art scene, an array of delicious eating and drinking establishments, museums, shops, a cultural and visitors center and, in the center of town, iconic Golden Heart Plaza.

    Year-round, one can always find a variety of unexpected public artworks around town. Steam vents are painted, murals abound and sculptures—both permanent and seasonal ice-sculptures—adorn downtown streets and businesses.

    Downtown Fairbanks also hosts outstanding events like the Winter Carnival in March, the Midnight Sun Festival in June and Golden Days in July.

    During winter months, Fairbanks has a storybook-like quality. The Chena River freezes over, snow blankets the ground and lighted snowflakes adorn lamp posts.

    Overnight at Fairbanks

  • Day 7

    Fairbanks sightseeing / Arctic Circle & Northern Lights

    After breakfast, embark on Arctic Circle & Northern Lights and Day Trip

    How many people can say they’ve crossed the Arctic Circle?

    Experience the landscapes of a lifetime on this full-day guided trip from Fairbanks and see the Northern Lights.

    Journey through Alaskan wilderness aboard comfortable transport, and take a stroll along the Yukon River. On a high plateau of Finger Mountain, spot wildlife such as foxes, moose and bears.

    On the way back, witness the splendor of Aurora Borealis.

    Full-day trip to see the Arctic Circle and Northern Lights from Fairbanks Explore Yukon River and Finger Mountain, and see wildlife like moose, foxes and bears See the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, one of the world's largest pipelines Cross the Arctic Circle and receive a 'Cross the Circle Certificate!'

    Learn about the surrounding geology from an informative guide Hotel pickup and drop-off included Enjoy personalized attention on this small-group tour

    Back to Fairbanks by evening

    Overnight at Fairbanks

  • Day 8

    Fairbanks to Talkeetna / Day at leisure

    After breakfast, drive to Talkeetna … 275 miles

    It takes a few things to climb Denali, and among them are extensive logistical infrastructure and being a special kind of crazy. When those two elements collide, you get a town like Talkeetna: a hub for climbers, tourists, and idiosyncratic Alaskans with a slightly crunchier take on the state's 'Do what you will' libertarian mind set. Fact: in 1997, the town elected a cat named Stubbs as its mayor.

    The name Talkeetna comes from the Athabascan language, and means 'Place of Many Gift Stores.' Kidding! It actually means 'Riverside food cache,' but we think our jokey take works, as 'downtown' Talkeetna is a strip of gift shops, guide services, restaurants and old-school saloons. And it's awesome: artsy, playful, infused with community spirit, but also self-aware enough to market itself to the thousands who come here seeking a view of Denali and a dip in the funky energy that permeates the mountain's main climbing base.

    Check in at hotel on arrival

    Rest of the day at leisure to explore the town of Talkeetna

    Capture the feeling of bustling small-town Alaska in a stroll down Talkeetna’s Main Street, a 2-block journey through historic buildings, art shops, restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream stops and a micro-brewery.

    Make sure to stop at Fairview Inn, opened in 1923 to serve railroad passengers, and which also famously served President Warren G. Harding just days before his death. Talkeetna Roadhouse is also steeped in history, which you can literally eat up (their pancakes are made with a sourdough starter from 1902!).

    Rub elbows with locals and mountaineers alike at large round tables, browse newspaper clippings adorning the walls and don’t leave without a piece of homemade pie or a cinnamon roll.

    Once you’ve browsed the shops filled with local art, Alaskana, and colorful characters, end at Talkeetna Riverfront Park, at the confluence of three wild rivers. On a clear day, the views of Denali are superb.

    Overnight at Talkeetna

  • Day 9

    Talkeetna / Denali Flyer Tour with Glacier Landing

    After breakfast, morning at leisure.

    Later take a bush plane flight is an extended version of the Denali Experience Tour

    In addition to that route, you will fly to the remote western end of Denali National Park.
    Explore the south side of Denali (20,310 feet), Mt. Foraker (17,400 feet) and Mt. Hunter (14,573 feet). Fly over the winding Kahiltna Glacier, the longest glacier in Denali National Park (45 miles long and 3 miles wide), and on to the climber's Base Camp located at 7,200 feet. Spot climbers as they traverse the glacier and make their way to the West Buttress (a popular climbing route).

    Plane seats 4-10 people

    Duration: 1.75 hours (with glacier landing)

    Rest of the day at leisure

    Overnight at Talkeetna

  • Day 10

    Talkeetna to Seward / Day at leisure

    After breakfast, drive to Seward … 240 miles

    Perched on the edge of Resurrection Bay, Seward offers out-of-this-world views of water, sky, mountain and forest, and is easily accessed by road, boat and rail. Because of its size (and its history as a railroad port), there is plenty of nightlife and lots of good restaurants in the picturesque old-time downtown area.

    Just a jump from town, you have access to Kenai Fjords National Park, superb sea kayaking, birding and whale-watching, and hikes that can take you to the top of the Harding Ice Field or across the whole Kenai Peninsula.

    The body of the city is divided into two centers: the newer, touristy harbor and the historic downtown. Lowell Point stretches to the south of town, and other amenities can be found just north along the Seward Hwy.

    Check in at hotel on arrival

    Rest of the day at leisure to explore Seward Main Street & Costal Walk

    Seward has one of the few relatively intact Main Streets in Alaska, and gives you a good idea of what the territory’s early coastal towns looked like. Despite two destructive fires, some of the town’s earliest buildings are still standing.

    Heading south, turn left onto the scenic, paved Coastal Walk, across from Van Buren St. A small bridge protects a salmon spawning stream. Along the coast, keep your eyes open for otters, sea lions, and even whales.

    Overnight at Seward

  • Day 11

    Seward / North-western Fjord Cruise

    After breakfast, embark on North-western Fjord Cruise

    Tour includes travel deep into Kenai Fjords National Park to North-western Fjord, home to three amazing tidewater glaciers.

    A deli style lunch on-board … 150-mile round trip … Duration: 7 hours

    Massive blue glaciers, narrow fjords and abundant marine life are just some of the reasons that Kenai Fjords National Park is at the top of many outdoor enthusiasts’ bucket lists. Cruise through the fjords while learning about the region’s fascinating natural history on this 9-hour trip. Floating through Alaska’s pristine waters is the best way to see this stunning national park, and this is the only daily tour that visits the magnificent Northwestern Fjord, home to three amazing tidewater glaciers and numerous alpine glaciers.

    Make your way to the departure point in Seward and head out on a shuttle to the boat that will take you on an unforgettable cruise through Kenai Fjords National Park, named after its many fjords, which were carved by at least 38 glaciers. Travel deeper into the Kenai Fjords than with any other tour on a relaxing boat ride through stunning blue water surrounded by glaciers.

    This national park was established in 1980 and covers 669,984 acres (271,133 hectares) on the Kenai Peninsula, and is home to the Harding Icefield, one of the largest ice fields in the country. Watch in amazement as you pass mammoth, piercing-blue glaciers. Keep an eye out for marine life like killer whales. Learn how to tell the difference between tidewater and alpine glaciers. Cover 150 miles (241 km) on this spectacular voyage. Take a break from glacier-spotting for a deli style lunch. Then see if you can spot more wildlife, which is abundant in the area. A wildlife guide will help you track what you see. Look for minke whales and harbor porpoises, falcons and arctic loons. And get your binoculars out to search for black bears and mountain goats. Get a few last photos in with the beautiful natural backdrop and relax as you head back to port, where your shuttle will bring you back to Seward.

    Overnight at Seward

  • Day 12

    Seward to Gridwood, Alyeska

    After breakfast, drive to Alyeska … 100 miles

    Girdwood, a small hamlet with a city-like list of things to do and see. Encircled by mighty peaks brimming with glaciers, Girdwood is a laid-back antidote to the bustle of Anchorage.

    Home to the luxurious Alyeska Ski Resort and the fabled Girdwood Forest Fair, Girdwood is a dog-and-kid kind of town, with excellent hiking, fine restaurants and a feel-good vibe that will have you staying longer than anticipated.

    Check in at hotel on arrival

    Rest of the day at leisure … Enjoy the tram ride …

    The Alyeska Resort Aerial Tramway is a seven-minute ride to a viewing deck with breath-taking panoramic views of mountains, hanging glaciers, streams, spruce, and an array of wildlife.

    Enjoy a relaxed midday picnic or beautiful evening sunset on Mt. Alyeska's observation deck, 2,300 feet above sea level. Telescopes on the Glacier Terminal viewing deck intensify what Conde Nast Traveler Magazine rated the best view of any U.S. ski resort. Enjoy hiking, exploring, berry picking, and paragliding, and even hike on the glacier.

    Though run at full speed during the winter, the tram is operated at half speed in summer, allowing ample time to enjoy the natural beauty of Alyeska Resort. The tram operates two cars on a counterweight system-as one cable car goes up the other cable car comes down.

    Overnight at Gridwood, Alyeska

  • Day 13

    Alyeska to Valdez / Day at leisure

    After breakfast, drive to Valdez … 338 miles

    There are two Valdezs. The cool contemporary town – an irresistible lure for adventure sportspeople redolent of Boulder, Colorado or Bend, Oregon – and the town that existed pre-1964, before the second-strongest earthquake in recorded history sent its docks sliding into the sea.

    Valdez was quickly rebuilt on more stable ground 5 miles to the west before it was hit again, this time by a human-made disaster, the catastrophic Exxon Valdez oil spill of 1989 that killed marine life, disrupted ecosystems and ruined livelihoods.

    It is a testament to Valdez’ feisty Alaskan spirit that it has managed not only to survive, but bounce back, despite its isolation from the lucrative cruise-ship economy. Founded by gold-rush-era prospectors in 1897, the town has tough antecedents and it still draws in the brawny and brave, who love to fish in its iceberg-punctuated seas and heli-ski in the precipitous mountains that surround it.

    Check in at hotel on arrival

    Rest of the day at leisure to explore Valdez

    To get a lay of the land, we suggest you start your visit with a look at Valdez from the Overlook trail. This short trail takes you up to a view point on a hill, just a few blocks from the Port Valdez inlet. From here, you can see just about all of town — the business area along Egan Avenue (about as close as you’ll get to a “Main Street” in Valdez), and residential neighborhoods beyond it.

    Turn around and look the other direction, and you’ll see the Valdez Convention and Civic Center. It also offers a movie theater.

    You’ll find the trailhead for the Overlook trail along Clifton Court, about two blocks north of the waterfront.

    From there, drive around and check out the town.

    One of the most beautiful places in Valdez is the small boat harbor – especially if you visit around sunset on a beautiful day.

    Overnight at Valdez

  • Day 14

    Valdez / Columbia Glacier Cruise

    After breakfast, embark on Columbia Glacier Cruise

    Discover the magic of Alaska on this 7-hour Columbia Glacier cruise from Valdez.

    A local captain and crew will guide you through the Trans Alaska Pipeline Terminal and Columbia Bay before arriving at Columbia Glacier, the largest tidewater glacier in South Central Alaska.

    Look out for wildlife along the way; if you’re lucky you could spot porpoises, puffins, sea lions and sea otters among other creatures.

    A delicious lunch will be provided and a professional guide will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about this unique and pristine natural area.

    Back to Valdez by evening

    Overnight at Valdez

  • Day 15

    Valdez to Anchorage / Departure flight

    After breakfast, depart for Anchorage … 300 miles

    Today we'll finish our epic Alaskan adventure, but not before admiring the views of the Worthington glacier as we traverse Thompson pass driving towards Anchorage

    Reach Anchorage airport in time for your return flight

    Drop the car at rentals and proceed to the airline counter for check in


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