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  • Dr. Bishan Mahadevia - Ahmedabad

    - Plastic Surgon

    I am a doctor in Ahmedabad and I have to travel frequently for conferences abroad and more over I also like to travel in India and abroad. Destination Tours & Travel Services have helped me and my family in last 6 years travel to various destinations across the globe e.g. China, Japan, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Africa, Turkey, Brazil to name a few. Mr. Prayag Shah takes personal interest and helps us chose right places and gives usually good options for Hotels, even arranges guided personalized tours when needed besides air tickets. Getting Visas in most destinations were also facilitated by Destination Tours. Mr. Prayag's friendly nature does make it easy for planning and executing our trips in India and abroad besides making them enjoyable. I have referred my uncles to them for their family trip to Greece and Turkey and they do not regret their selection. They have amicable staff and clean office ambience where I am always treated well and in friendly manner.

  • Mrs. Hasu Patel - Houston Texas

    - Australia & New Zealand Tour in Feb. 2002

    Hi Prayag We are still dealing with jet lag. The time difference between New Zealand and Texas is 19 houre (now 18, due to the time change). But we all still talk about how great the vacation was. I am getting credit and compliments for finding you to have a very well planned vacation. We have life time of great memories of this trip. For our future vacations, we are definitely going to contact you only. The whole trip was planned very well. It was a stress free (for the most part) trip. The only thing we had to do was to have fun and enjoy the scenery. The drivers in Melbourne, Sidney and everywhere in New Zealand, were nice, helpful, knowledgeable and polite.All the hotels, including the motel in Franz Josef were nice and comfortable. The itinerary was really good, we did quite a lot. And I don't know how you arranged for good weather and God's grace for us! Everything worked out perfectly. We mostly ate at Indian restaurants. While restaurants changed, menu remained same.We ate Chicken curry everyday for non-vegetarian and Paneer for vegetarian. By the time we reached NZ we were looking for change. Your team at NZ went out of their way to make things right for us. So while chicken curry stayed on menu, we had variety of vegetarian items. The very assuring and commendable thing was, you stayed in touch with us at every point. With time difference, it must be middle of night when you were contacting us or answering to our call, but you were always there for us. You are in true sense, a great vacation planner. So, thanks a lot for everything you did for us, including making this vacation memorable. You will hear from with other destinations in mind. Please convey my thanks to your team in Australia & NZ on our behalf. And if you can, please convey our gratitude to Ray, David,(AU), Sheet (NZ) & rest of the team, for introducing us to AU and NZ. Hasu

  • Ms. Julia lee - New York

    - Rajasthan Tour 2014

    Prayag - it was a pleasure to meet you personally and thank you for lunch again! We had a wonderful trip and well taken cared of. I hope to be able to be back in the near future for an adventure type trip (that dessert and hiking!) but in the meantime will definitely recommend your services highly to my friends! Again thank you for a wonderful stress free vacation !

  • Mr. Mahendra Patel - Chicago

    - Sri Lanka & South America Tours

    Prayagbhai Your Hospitality during our visit to Ahmedabad was appreciated. It is our pleasure to Recommend your services to all our friends and family. As we enjoyed your prompt and well detailed follow up throughout our journey during vacation. In vacation it is all dependent on who guides you to select right location right accommodation and right itinerary without that your vacation is waste of time and money. You carry those valuable qualities to help your client and you do not take advantage of your client. We have yet to travel lots of places in India and neighboring countries, will take your advise to explore these tours. Mahendra and Varsha

  • Ms. Meeta Patel & Mr. Justin Campbell - London UK

    - India Tour

    Hi Prayag ... Just wanted to say a big 'thanks' for organising our fantastic trip to India. We were all very impressed with your 'hassle free' organisation and will definitely recommend you to our family & friends. There is no way that we could have organised this trip on our own. The whole trip was expertly organised and even the last minute changes to our itinerary were handled without any issues.

  • Mrs. Myrna Dalal - Pune

    - Uzbekistan Tour in Nov. 2018

    Dear Prayag, May I say that it was great to have toured Uzbekistan with Destination Vacations. You ensured all our basic needs and wishes. You catered to all our difficulties. And speaking for myself, you just made everything easier for me. And the icing on the cake was that we got to meet you in person, so that future contact has been established. Thank you again. Regards, Myrna Dalal

  • Ms. Neha Sheth - Ahmedabad & San Francisco

    - Corporate Traveller

    I have worked with Prayag at Destination Tours over many years for my business as well as leisure trips and he has always proved to be very reliable. He has made my travel planning very simple! His company has always provided good and prompt service. I would recommend him to anyone looking for such services.

  • Mr. Nilesh Bhagat - United Kingdom

    - Tour of Kerala

    Hello Prayag, Transport - arrangements were excellent all round including the separate airport pickups, everything was on schedule and we were very happy. Our main driver, Suresh, was excellent and very helpful with local knowledge and tips. After seeing for myself how hilly and bumpy some of the roads were I would have given more consideration to hiring the 2 jeep style vehicles that you suggested rather than the Tiempo Traveller but that comes from experience Chandys Windy woods [our hotle at Munnar] - outstanding hotel that fully met all out expectations of a high end luxury place Hills and Hues [our hotel at Thekkady] - this was more of a boutique hotel rather than a pure luxury place in my opinion. We enjoyed our stay there but it was quite hard to access (jeep only) so as we were a big group with a lot of luggage this was slightly inconvenient The experiences that were part of the tour were fine ... we enjoyed the Jeep safari in Munnar tea plantations the most Overall, my whole party was very happy with the services that you provided and I would definitely recommend your company for anyone I know who is planning any tour in India. Kind Regards, Nilesh Bhagat.

  • Mr. Nilesh N Shah - Ahmedabad & New York

    - Corporate Traveller

    We have been using services of “Destination” for more than Decade… We are at very peace because we know we are in “Good hands” for our travel requirements. Prompt reply and mentioning details about the program are key factor for satisfaction. For all my USA contacts, he has handled the private tours very successfully throughout India. Of course I will be using “Destination” & continue recommending them to friends and family for all our travel needs in future as well …

  • Mr. Pradeep Agarwal - Ahmedabad

    - Corporate Traveller

    We have been using services of Destination Tour & travels for domestic & overseas travel for more than seven years. I can vouch for the meticulous planning put in by them to fulfill the commitments. They know their business well & also understand the importance of role that ravel agency play in making business & pleasure trips successful. It has been a pleasure to be associated with Prayag who drives this company with his uncanny business sense & client oriented approach

  • Mr. Purvish Patel - Chicago

    - Tour of Thailand - Nov 2019

    HI Prayg How are you? Thank you very much for memorable vacation and enjoyed every minute of our Thailand. Your staff and you did outstanding job from start to finish. Overall 10/10 stars. We will let you know for our Africa trip once I finalize date with my Children. We also have a plan to visit Australia/New Zealand with our friends circle, which I will also contact (fall of 2020). Thanks and Regards, Purvish Patel

  • Mr. Yogesh Patel - Corpus Christi Texas

    - Tour to Singapore, Thailand, Bali

    Prayagbhai, You have provided excellent service for us. Jayshree’s special need was taken care of at every dinner. In Singapore, chef provided purred meal during the breakfast too. I have memtioned your services to others, and will definatley contact you for future travel need. Jayshree and I are very appriciative of your response for our needs. All guides were very good, specifically Raka, who was our guide in Bali and Charles in Singapore. Thank you Yogesh

  • Mr. Sanjay Desai

    Destination Tours and Travel Services is a one stop shop for all our travel needs. Personalized service, prompt response and customizing travel requirements with top notch efficiency is the hallmark of Destination. We have known Prayag since past 4 years and are extremely happy with the service provided by his company and his courteous staff.